Al-Shifa Procurement Dept

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospitals regularly procure following:

  1. Medical equipment, its spare parts and their repair services.
  2. Medicines –ophthalmic, general and anesthesia etc
  3. Medical Consumables
  4. Medical Gases
  5. Surgical Instrument
  6. X-ray films & Chemicals to Process films
  7. Blades & Cutters
  8. Disposables incl CSSD items
  9. Pathological and Micro-lab items
  10. Medical Bulbs & Batteries
  11. Disinfectants
  12. Sutures
  13. Intraocular  Lenses (IOLs)
  14. General Expendables and non-expendable stores.
  15. Electric equipment , fittings & repair services
  16. Stationary, Printing and packing material
  17. Computers & other IT related equipment/accessories
  18. Medical & office Furniture
  19. Textile products
  20. Food Stuff
  21. Construction materials and services.

Most of the stores are procured through annual tender, which is advertised during the month of May every year. In addition to that many stores and equipments are procured by calling quotations from registered suppliers through tender inquiries.
If you have experience and are interested to get yourself registered as a supplier with Alshifa Trust Eye Hospitals, Please contact as under: -

Personally visit the office of Manager Procurement

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