Let's Fight Together Against Blindness! With Al-Shifa Trust


Sponsor a Patient

Sr. Treatment Type Treatment Cost
1. Corneal Transplant Rs. 150,000
2. Retinal Detachment / Vitrectomy Rs. 50,000
3. Phaco Cataract / Squint Rs. 12,000
4. Trab / Laser Glaucoma Surgery Rs. 35,000
5. Prosthetic / Artificial Eye Rs. 50,000

Sponsor Equipment

We continuously strive to provide highest quality care to our patients for which state of the art equipment is required to be updated in the domain of ophthalmology.

You may donate equipment in any of the following categories:

Sr. Equipment Type Equipment Cost
1. Clinical Equipment Rs. 1 Million - Rs. 1.8 Million
2. OT Equipment Rs. 3.5 Milion - Rs 8.5 Million
3. Diagnostic Equipment Rs. 10 Million - Rs. 25 Million

Your donation is exclusively used for the treatment of the underprivileged

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