Young Friends


Aims and Objective:

  • To inculcate spirit of services to humanity in young boys and girls.
  • To encourage young boys and girls to participate in the humanitarians cause of Al-Shifa Trust.
  • To create awareness about eye diseases, care and treatment and the role of Al-Shifa Eye Trust.

YFA Responsibilities:

  • To work in different departments of AST hospital in order to know the routine work of the hospital and to inculcate the spirit of charity /social work in them.  
  • To fullfill different tasks assigned by staff which includes:-
    • Holding regular meetings to review progress and prepare plans for future activities.
    • To Interact with patients and help them.
    • Organizing camps/functions in school where knowledgeable persons can come and educate members about eye diseases, care and treatment. Al-Shifa Eye Trust will help arrange knowledgeable persons to come and address the members. Doctors from Al-Shifa Eye Trust can be called and will come to carry out eye examination and treatment of school children.
    • To help developing a network of young friends on AST website for future referrals of young friends as well as patients and donors.

Duty areas:

  • OPD- I
  • OPD-II
  • Wards
  • Camps

Record Keeping:

  • Forms and paperwork
  • Attendance Register
  • Patient History
  • Patient Report

Recruitment strategies/ Placement:

  • Recommendation letter
  • Filled membership form
  • Interview
  • Short listing  
  • Final Selection

Duration: 20 hour
Reporting procedures

  • To write and submit reports of what they have learned and experienced while working AST.
  • Upon completion of hours all forms and paperwork are to be submitted to supervisor.

Awards and Certificates:

  • After spending the given time with full productivity, awards and certificates are distributed.

All school going boys and girls within the age group of 10 to 18 years, who are of a good moral character and are willing to work with sincerity & dedication are eligible to become the members of the organization. Intending members are required to fill in a form and forward to coordinator Social Work at Al-Shifa Eye Trust, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. They may use E-mail for this purpose. Each member is given a membership number

Download Membership Form

To know more about Young Friends

Social Work Co-ordinator

Email: yfa@alshifaeye.org

Young Friends are not allowed to touch the patients /equipments of the hospital.

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