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Glimpse of Free Eye Screening Camp at Pakistan Sweet Home organized by ACCO team

Glimpse of Free Eye Screening Camp at Pakistan Sweet Home organized by ACCO team, Al-Shifa Trust. Conjuctivitis, squint, blepharitirs, vkc and blunt trauma were also treated and given free medical advice. Zamurrad Khan CEO Pakistan Sweet Home and their entire team appreciated Al-Shifa for their services and generosity.



International Day of Charity

5 Sep is International Day of Charity which commemorates and honors the work that organizations and individuals are performing to better the lives of those who are not as fortunate. AST president Gen (R) Rehmat khan thanking and appreciating our donors and supporters for their contributions to our mission of fighting against blindness in Pakistan. Your generosity helped us restore millions of sights and spread smiles across Pakistan. Let us all continue to fight against blindness.



Glimpse of independence day celebrations at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital!



The COMSTECH team visited Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital

The COMSTECH team visited Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital on 9th July 2021 and had a detailed meeting with the President and senior officials of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi. The meeting was chaired by Maj General (R) Rehmat Khan, President AST. The agenda of the meeting was to finalize the arrangement of free eye camps being jointly organized by COMSTECH and AST under the sponsorship of Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) in the third and fourth weeks of August 2021 in Niger and Gambia respectively.



Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital gets operational in Chakwal

The Fifth hospital of Al-Shifa Trust is an expansion of our services in the domain of eye health care. The new hospital built adjacent to Balkasar Interchange M-2 is spread over an area of 60,000 square feet with a total cost of Rs. 250 million. The new hospital has opened its doors for the people of Chakwal who earlier had to travel to Rawalpindi for eye problems. Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital in Chakwal features state of the art facilities of OPD, Operations, Pharmacy and Optical shop. The hospital has the capacity to serve 500 OPDs and 50 surgeries daily in its premises.



COMSTECH and Al-Shifa Trust have signed an MoU

COMSTECH and Al-Shifa Trust have signed an MoU for capacity building and research collaboration in Ophthalmology. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Coordinator General of COMSTECH and President Al-Shifa Trust signed MoU, this partnership will aim to end preventable blindness in the OIC member states. According to the MoU, COMSTECH and Al-Shifa Trust will collaborate in following three domains:

  • Al-Shifa Trust in partnership with COMSTECH will invite research collaboration from OIC member states.
  • Al-Shifa Trust will offer observer ship to candidates from OIC member states in subspecialties of Ophthalmology.
  • Al-Shifa Trust will also extend its help to fight preventable blindness in OIC member states by sending its highly qualified and experienced surgeons to undertake surgical camps for cataract. First two camps are planned in Kampala, Uganda and Niamey Niger.

In addition to the above, VC of University of Gambia also attended this ceremony and asked Al-Shifa Trust to hold its camps in Gambia as well.



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