Center for Eye Cancer by Al Shifa Trust


Eye Cancer Overview:

Ocular oncology involves the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of eye cancers and tumors. These may cause vision loss or loss of the eye itself. Some tumors are potentially fatal, while others may be severely disfiguring as well. Ocular (Eye) tumors affect adults and children, and may occur in one eye or may involve both.

Requirement of Center for Eye Cancer:

Each year in Pakistan 2200 people out of approximately 150,000 diagnosed with cancer have ocular/eye cancer because of which almost 220 people die every year.

Every year approximately 200 cases of eye cancers involving complex surgical procedures are treated at Al-Shifa amongst which 30% are children. After surgical or laser treatment of cancer, most of these patients require either chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both and these facilities are not available with Al Shifa Trust at present. Due to high cost of treatment it is mostly unbearable by the poor patients. Therefore there is an urgent need to further strengthen and develop these services at Al Shifa Trust.

Al Shifa Trust Plan for Center for Eye Cancer:

Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital plans to develop a center for eye cancer in the following phases:

  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resource
  • Technical Equipment
  • Training
  • Post-Surgery Treatment

We hope to increase our capacity three times to treat eye cancers from all over the country.

Let's work together to save sight and life!

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