Clinical Services

Orthoptics department is working in Al Shifa since 1995. In beginning it was working in combination with low vision department but with increase in ratio of patients it started working independently from 1997. From beginning it was run by a foreigner, she trained Orthoptist at Al Shifa. She has managed so many patients during this period and even Orthoptist are also trained here even from abroad

Orthoptics clinic is able to deal with every aspects of squint. The staff at Orthoptics clinic can perform all the tests required for diagnosis of all types of squint. These include checking of visual acuity, angle of deviation, and functional assessment of deviated eye, and we even prescribe glasses, patching, prism, and muscle exercise according to requirement. Squint was previously thought to be a permanent and untreatable condition but in fact it can be managed successfully. So orthoptics department is a part and parcel of every eye care center

Orthoptist are personnel who are trained for diagnosis and management of eye muscle imbalance (Strabismus / Squint). They are able to manage the patients with non surgical methods e.g. glasses, prisms and eye muscle exercises. Patient came with decrease vision, squint and diplopia (double vision).

Vision is fully developed before 9 years of age so patients have to be treated as early as possible. If treatment is started earlier then we can easily achieve our goal by improving the vision. If child is not treated before the age of 7 years it means a lifetime poor vision that cannot be improved. Patients may not be themselves able to detect the problem. Orthoptics department of Al-Shifa has all the facilities and trained professional staff to help your child in enjoying sound eye health.