Case Studies


Case Study of Tabish Waqar

Tabish waqar was born in a small village of Hassan Abdal (pathar garh) with an eye tumor. Waqar Hussein F/O Tabish waqar took his daughter everywhere he could possibly take within the primitive resources he had but all in vein.

Fulfilling the need of community and considering the social responsibility Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital's out reach team organised a camp for free eye screening. Waqar Hussein reported in the camp with his daughter problem. She was examined by experts team and was referred to base hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Orbit and Occuloplastics department for detail examination.

On her arrival at respective department, Tabish waqar was diagnosed with Tumor in her by HOD of Orbit and Occuloplastics Prof. Dr. Tayyab Afghani, Then treated in oculoplasty department by our expert surgeon Prof Dr. Tayab afghani and now she is completely fine, enjoying the colors and lights of life after a successful surgery.

You can help Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital through Your Donations, Zakat and Charities in treating so many other patients like Tabish Waqar.

Case Study of Sardar

I Sardar S/O Firdous Khan aged 64 years Tehsil Maidan district Lower Dir reported to Free Eye camp at Lal Qila Tehsil Hospital, district Maidan on 19th Mar 2015 established by Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Rawalpindi with complaint of decreased vision from both eyes. After evaluation by eye specialist was advised for operation at Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Rawalpindi. Living in remote, mountainous and terrorism's effected area I never thought that my eye sight which slowly and gradually dim downed since last 9 years shall return back. I neglected the advised and thought its fake sympathy as given by many other NGOS working here. After 17 days Pakistan Army contacted and asked my informed consent for referral to Rawalpindi for eye operation free of cost. I was taken along with 10 other patients of my area and one guide from Pak Army to Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital where they did not charged me even a single penny for following services offered by them:

  1. Eye Consultation
  2. Admission
  3. Eye operation
  4. Intraocular lens
  5. Implantation of lens
  6. Glasses
  7. Pre / Post operative medicines

I went to hospital on 06 Apr 2015 checked up and admitted on same date, operated on next day and discharged after one day. All this felt dream to me, I was puzzled, surprised and confused in short it seemed miracle to me. Before operation I hardly see people even at hand distance only recognize them with their voice.Bt all of sudden my vision restored I cried and wept thanking ALLAH for His blessing upon me in the form of Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital. I, my family and relatives in particular and locals find no words to say thanks to Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital and Pakistan Army / Maidan Bn for bringing mine and others vision back and making us to see colors of life again after mine nine years of darkness .Only ALLAH can reward you for such humanitarian deeds i ll ever pray for your progress so that many people like me can see life through your generous act of kindness in today’s self-central led world. Thank you Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital for enlightening my life.



Case Study of Chand Bi Bi

10 year old Chand Bi Bi came to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi in a painful state. A thorn had pierced her eye earlier. Her father Rashid a driver by profession and belong to a deprived area of District Attock earned Rs. 10,000/ month that was barely enough to put food on the table for his family of 10. He could not afford to take her to a private hospital. That would be a financial catastrophe. So he tried local remedies but when they didn’t work took her to government hospital, Attock where after waiting for hours Chand Bi Bi was prescribed some eye drops. But her pain wouldn’t go away. He was at his wits end when one of his friends told about Al-Shifa Trust's free eye services.

At Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi Chand Bi Bi was given emergency treatment and corneal repair surgery under general anesthesia was carried successfully the next day. Upon her discharge Rashid was beaming with joy. His daughter’s pain had subsided and the Doctors told him that there were bright chances that the vision in the injured eye would return. Chand Bi Bi's nightmare was over and she had been saved from a life of darkness.

Chand Bi Bi is one of the 7 million people who have been treated free of all charges by Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital since its inception in 1991. Founded in 1985 by Gen Jahandad Khan it has grown from a humble unit to a network of 4 eye hospitals and mobile units located in such a way that most Pakistanis can get easy access to AST's facility. ASTEH has been described as the only safety net that the poor have to access quality eye care in Pakistan.



Case Study of Hajra

Ghulam Nabi, works in a school as a guard. He earns Rs. 7,000/- a month and has 5 children. They live in a small rented house in Rawat. 6 years old Hajra is the youngest daughter of Ghulam Nabi and very precious to him.

Hajra was diagnosed squint in her left eye when she was only 1, which made it extremely difficult for her to see and focus. With such limited income, treating Hajra was out of question. The shattered family was left with no option but to accept it as fate. It is said that Allah will never places a burden on anyone  so heavy that it becomes difficult to carry.

During school screening conducted by Al Shifa Trust, Hajra’s eye disease was diagnosed and Ghulam Nabi was informed about Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital and its free eye care facilities for the needy. Hajra was taken to Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi the very next day and after thorough eye examination the doctor informed her parents that her squint was operable. Hajra was successfully operated upon by Dr. Shama Khan, a Child Specialist at Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital and her left eye squint was rectified. When the bandage was removed it was a moment to date and one would become more positive of God’s wonders. "Our daughter was treated very well by the Hospital Staff", expressed her satisfied parents.

While leaving the hospital the happy parents kept praying for the well-being of Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital.



Case Study of Abdullah

There was great rejoicing in the Abdul Rehman family when Abdullah was born. He was going to be their support in their old age, their insurance policy.

But the joy soon turned to sorrow : Abdullah was blind.

Abdul Rehman took him to a Doctor in Kharian (District Gujrat) who diagnosed congenital cataract and prescribed surgery at the cost of Rs. 20,000.

This was 5 times Abdul Rehman’s salary which he earned working at a shanty hotel in village Dinga, District Gujrat.

Two years later a visiting friend advised Abdul Rehman to take the child to Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.

The child was operated in one eye. Upon opening the bandage, Abdul Rehman showed the boy a piece of roti (bread) which he grabbed.

A miracle had happened. Their only son had emerged from a life of perpetual darkness. The sun was shining again.



Case Study of Aamish

7 months old Aamish is the only son of Tanveer Akhtar, a laborer, belonging to a poor village of District Attock. Aamish severely injured his left eye when he accidently fell down on the ground. His father immediately took his crying son with bleeding eye to Attock city where doctor of a private clinic advised him to take his son to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Rawalpindi.

Knowing the condition of their child the nervous parents brought their son to Alshifa Trust Eye Hospital. He was thoroughly examined by Paeds specialist consultant Dr. Nusrat Sharif and diagnosed Trauma in left eye. Belonging to a poor family, Aamish’s father could’t afford surgical cost and all expenses were borne by the Hospital. The very next day he was successfully operated by Dr. Shama Khan, another competent child specialist. The news of his successful surgery brought relief to the disturbed parents who burst into tears and were lost for words. They were deeply thankful to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital staff and its generous donors for restoring their son’s sight and saving him from a dark future. During the follow up session after the operation, Aamish’s mother was extremely happy and satisfied and said joyfully, “All praise is to Allah who sends these angels to restore my child’s vision. My child can now look forward to the bright future”