Case Studies


Asghar Ali / Kurram Agency

Although slightly reluctant initially, Asghar Ali appeared to be quite happy and satisfied with the efforts of team Al-Shifa after the cataract surgery. 
 “I am really grateful to all of you for giving me the gift of sight once again. May Allah SWT accept your efforts and reward you for the good work that you do in this world and hereafter”. 
 Despite not knowing proper English during the follow-up Asghar Ali repeatedly remarked, “very good, very good” after we took his vision. On the second day his vision was 6/9. 

Asghar Ali appreciated the efforts done by Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital in the field of Eye Care, providing best facilities at the doorsteps of needy and backward areas.


Ali Nisa / Attock

Ali Nisa was one of the patient who visited a free surgical Eye Camp established by Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital in Attock, Pakistan.
 “It feels really great to know that I will be able to do my household chores with an improved and better vision from now onwards. Thank you team Al-Shifa”
 The very next day Ali Nisa’s vision was 6/12 and she was really grateful to team Al-Shifa.


Zubaida Khatoon / Azad Kashmir

I am diabetic patient and belongs to a backward area of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. I lost my vision 4 years ago and had not enough money for treatment.

I was hopeless and disappointed when I came to know that, from now onward I will be unable to see with my right eye, just because my husband could not afford the expenses of my Eye treatment, we did not struggle much for possible treatments. I visited many Local hospitals and clinics but it did not work. I had to manage with one eye thereafter.

I came to know through Announcement in Masjid about free surgical Eye Camp in our Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Pallandri established by Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. 

Senior Doctors from Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital examined my eyes and suggested operation. Next day I got operated, and was so much excited when I was able to see the world and colors around with both eyes.

I am very thankful to the Team Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital who visited here and treated many other patients like me.


Akhtar Bibi / Jalalpur Jattan

"Yes, Miracles happen and many other can happen with your support and donations"

This is what "Akhtar Bibi" told us on the camp she reported. Surgical eye camp was arranged by Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, in Jalalpur Jattan in collaboration with Jalalpur Jattan Welfare Society - Reg, where Akhtar Bibi came hopeless with cataract in both eyes and was really dejected with the disease, blindness and life. She got examined in eye OPD by trained optometrists and was diagnosed for cataract surgery.

She was prepared for surgery on camp site essential lab tests were done and her one eye was operated for cataract by experienced surgeons of Al-Shifa trust eye hospital.

She was retained in ward for some hours afterwards, when her bandage was removed she could not believe as she could clearly see from the operated eye. She told that she saw her son after 10 years and told us miracle happens and that happened because of all angel like doctors of Al-Shifa who took care of her and all patients like their own family.


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital achieving the milestones

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